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Hoffman 3 Sums Pre-Packaged 3 Yard Cut of 108" Bali Batik Wide Quilt Backing - Impressionist

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**Samples not available for this wide back** 108 inches wide 100% cotton 3 Yard Cut of a Bali Batik from the 3 Sums Collection of Batik Quilt Backing by Hoffman Fabrics in the color "Impressionist" #W3884-650-Impressionist.  This design has a sunflower print in greens, oranges and yellows on a cream colored background.  The sunflowers measure approximately 4" wide.  This gorgeous collection of batik wide quilt backing comes conveniently pre-packaged in 3 yard cuts directly from Hoffman Fabrics in stunning colors and designs.   These beautiful colors will make the perfect seamless statement for the BackSide of your batik quilt top!